Everyone feels the holidays fast approaching, but nothing marks the closure of another year like ugly Christmas sweaters worn everywhere! Whether to a work party or just out about town, ugly sweaters are a Christmas tradition that no one seems to be able to pass up. It is believed that this tradition was started by Bill Cosby in the 80s and has endured for decades since. Are you ready to get your ugly Christmas sweater?

Is A DIY Approach Better?

Many people are conflicted whether it’s better to make your own unique blend of ugliness to reflect your tastes or to purchase a sweater that’s available in virtually any store. There are both pros and cons to these options, so here are some of our thoughts:

*If you’re going to be entering your sweater into a contest, make sure you consider a DIY approach. You can pick up plain ugly sweaters at pretty much any thrift store, and then, the sky’s the limit! Your own creations have a much better chance of winning a contest considering they’re unique and will not be worn by anyone else.

*Making ugly Christmas sweaters is a tradition, often thought to have been started by housewives and grandmas, so why not carry on the tradition? Nothing marks the celebration of the new year like an ugly sweater with randomly collected bits and pieces.

*You have the chance to make the sweater uglier than just a basic print. Sure, some stores venture just far enough to make you question whether purchasing an ugly sweater is easier, but think of the options! Ugly blinking lights, plastic reindeers, festive appliques, and tacky pins are just some of the ways that you can personalize something that has a “basic ugly” look.

Why Buying Pre-Made Works For Some

You know how awesome it is to make something yourself, but if you don’t have the time or the energy into making something completely your own, buying pre-made ugly sweaters is a sure bet.

*You will never run out of sizes to choose from as stores carry many sizes of the same design. Unfortunately, if you wear larger tops, finding a basic ugly sweater may be hard at local thrift stores.

*There’s undoubtedly going to be a holiday rush to find ugly sweaters to turn even uglier for the holidays, so you may find that none are left at your store or you may have to wrestle your way through the racks. In fact, around the holidays, shoppers can get defensive, so watch out! This problem is easily circumvented when you place your order online for your ugly sweater.

This year, think of all the joy you’re going to get out of wearing the ugliest Christmas sweater your imagination can afford! In this case, you can commit a fashion faux pas without having to consider the consequences. Most importantly, no two ugly Christmas sweaters are alike, which is why you will have some big decisions to make. Just set a budget, have a theme in mind, and find something ugly!

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