How many of us our guilty of wearing our hair ties on or wrist? How many of us have gone to bed with them on our wrist only to wake up with reminders of how tight those things are. How many of us of gotten all dolled up for a girls night out and took pic after pic only to realize later as you scroll through your social media that the stringy little elastic around your wrist stood out like a sore thumb.

Not cute, not cute at all. Well lets introduce ourselves to hair tie bangles. You can take any regular hair elastic preferably a color that coordinates with your outfit and place the elastic around the bangle. These hair tie bangles cleverly hold and disguise hair elastics. Slip the bracelet on, then slip your elastic over, and secure it in the groove.

So now you are stylish yet practical. Whether you like a more casual look or something more elegant, you can find a hair tie bracelet that matches your personal style. You’ll be ready to toss your hair back at a moment’s notice. It is a simple design that will blend into or enhance just about any outfit.

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